My Future’s so Dry, I Gotta Wear Socks

Treasure Island Triathlon is now a Duathlon. I have to say, the ecological damage the oil spill is doing means a lot more to me than the fact that I now have to run 6.5km really fast in order to get into a good group on the bike. All the poor birds!

Oil soaked bird

A little knowledge for you: The oil kills the birds because their feathers are hydrophobic, meaning they repel water, and that helps them stay above the water. When there’s oil on the surface, they don’t float too well.

I could whine all night about how stupid a boat pilot has to be to crash into a bridge, but it was foggy, and the tanker was huge and people make mistakes. If we want fewer oil spill, we should use less oil.

Invest in technology (I say as tech stocks drive the DOW into a pit of despair), and maybe we can get alternative fuels to get us around. Alternative fuels that don’t have to be hauled around where they will inevitably cause tragedy because of human error.

For now, I’m going to sleep. Tomorrow at noon I get to run 6.5km, bike 40km and then run another 10kim. It will surely be much harder than a normal triathlon, mainly because I have done nothing to train for such an event. No expectations, just two hours of max effort to see what happens.

One last thing for all the people who told me “good luck”: I always say I don’t need luck, but maybe this is an exception.

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