Crash, Burn, I almost got Chicked.

Honestly, Karma’s a b****. And for some reason it’s been catching up to me really quick lately. I made fun of Brian Davis for a giant pimple on his face, and that night I woke up with a volcano ready to erupt. Then I spent a week responding to wishes of "good luck" with "I don’t need luck", and bragging that while my friends were going to be spending a three-day weekend in rain city I was going to be basking in warm and sunny California. First, the Christine and BrandonTRIathlon was turned to a DUathlon (bad luck #1, but like my previous post said, probably one of the most insignificant effects of the ecological devastation that has taken place in the bay.). I tried to renege on my claims, and spent last night begging for my good luck wishes to be reinstated. Somebody was not thinking positive thoughts for me, however, because this morning the clouds looked thicker and darker than normal mornings in the bay, and actually had a familiarity that brings memories of family, friends and North Face Jackets.

I arrived at the course sitting shotgun with Loren, who was wearing a one-of-a-kind I [heart] Ben Collins T-shirt (autographed). Then I saw Christine, and found out that it was a two-of-a-kind shirt (her’s is not autographed) and her mom had an I hear BC shirt. I was embarrassed, but it lifted my mood (3 days without water is not good for my attitude).

Christine and Brandon came out to cheer me on

Run #1. Went well, I was about 22 minutes for the 4 mile run, which isn’t too bad, and I was in about the third group on the bike.

this is not what good running looks like.Bike: I rode hard with Kevin Collington, and Brandon Rakita, but on the fourth lap it started raining, then there was a bad crash right in front of me (I hopped over a guys head), then at the end of the fourth lap I heard a sound similar to balloon that comes untied. (flat is bad luck#2). I had put a spare set of wheels in the pit, so I switched and got back into the race. Unfortunately the group I had pulled along for 60% of the bike was long gone, and the guys behind them were too far ahead to catch by myself. I finished off the bike alone, and set off on the run. A ton of guys dropped out, so the field was thin, and there was nobody near me to try to race. My legs felt good for about 5km, then I told myself, "balls to the wall", and nothing happened. I was trying harder, but running backwards. I finished, but it was not fun. I need to run more, and maybe not do duathlons.

Oh, Hunter didn’t lap me this time. That’s good.

"Run Ben Run!!"

Funniest moment of the day: I was watching the DVD from Scott Tinley’s with Sada and Loren. Sada sees me going through transition and says, "Ben, your curly hair looks RIDICULOUS!" Thanks Sada (She’s 4). This was the first time she’s ever spoken the word ridiculous.

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  1. Can’t ignore good luck, it’s bad luck to only count bad luck……..Good luck #1, you made it hop over some lucky dude’s head (counts double). Good luck #2, flat tire recovery without a trip to the emergency room. Good luck #3, Loren’s spare wheel he lent you was nearby at the bike race station. Sure there’s more good luck we sent your way, we’ll let you find it.

    Go watch Pollyanna with Sada and Piper!!!

    You can wish me good luck in the crew race tomorrow, and let us keep our sunshine and nice weather until after lunch!

  2. Sticking with triathlons over duathlons sounds like a good idea, and maybe so does a haircut, as Sada pointed out. I have to say though, of those who crashed/flatted, only a few made it back into the race, so bravo on sticking it out.

    Here are some pictures I took during the race. I’m getting really good with my cell phone camera. Today was the first time I used the “cloudy” setting, which I think worked out well, but some still look like pictures taken in a bar without a flash.

  3. FOR SALE: LIMITED EDITION ‘I (HEART) BEN COLLINS’ T-SHIRT, AUTOGRAPHED. $50 or will accept trade for pack of gum.

    Nice job for sticking it out and making lemonade out of some pretty bad lemons. It was amazing to meet so many people who 1) knew you 2) liked you 3) visited your blog 4) knew who I was from your blog.

    Sada has been properly sanctioned for such a rude comment. She will not be allowed to use the car for the next 12 years. She will also not be allowed to date for the next 14. Hopefully she’ll learn her lesson.

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