A View of Santos

I’ve been playing around with the “create panoramic image” feature in Windows Live Photo. It’s pretty cool. But for some reason, the program is a memory hog. Even with a gig of memory, I keep getting a low memory error when I try to put one of these images into a blog. I wanted to put in a few of these images that I made today, but Live Writer is freaking out. I may have to upload the images directly and add them to the post. Actually, Live Writer isn’t even letting me add a normal picture (I shoved my waterproof Olympus Stylus SW into my speedo today and took pictures from the ocean – it was really cool), so maybe it’s just the new version of the program. Can one of the microsoft employees that read this blog please tell the guys working on MS Live that not everyone has a supercomputer from the year 2020 at their disposal?

{update: I finally got the image to show on the site, but now it’s not even close to the same quality as on my computer. Plus, for some reason the Windows Live suite is now giving me the “not enough memory” error for things like adding text to a blog entry. Two days ago I loved the MS Windows Live stuff, now I think it is starting to smell like house guests and old fish.}

Ben Collins in the ocean with Santos Brazil in the background

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  1. Oh Courtenay, there’s plenty of room in there. 🙂

    How can I take a picture of my camera in my speedo? That doesn’t even make sense. I did, however, accidentally take a picture with my camera in my speedo. It wasn’t good.

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