Waiting to Race

The past week has been so monotonous. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot things I’d dislike more than sitting around in Santos – where proper attire is a Speedo for men and a g-string bikini for women – trying not to get sunburned and waiting for Sunday to roll around so I can go race. It’s just that, I’ve eaten the same thing pretty much every day. I’ve done the same thing pretty much every day, and even the movies on TV have been the same pretty much every day. For example, I’ve seen Back To The Future (part one) three times, and Waterworld twice since Tuesday. The Hotel Avenida Palace has yet to fix their internet (which was supposed to be back in order Tuesday night when we checked in), so Francisco and I have been using the internet of the Atlantic Hotel down the street. Right now, for instance, we’re sitting in a cafe on the sidewalk in front of our hotel. Francisco told me about some plane that crash landed in the water in Australia, so I went to google news to see what else was going on the world. Apparently Russia is ashamed that their leader likes Abba, and Angelina Joli is working on foreign relations. Plus, the average home value went up by $15,000 as part of the brilliant “bailout plan”, which is really just a way to get more property tax from homeowners.

So now we’re heading off for the race meeting, and hopefully Fabio and Paulo will come and take us for a tour of the course, but we haven’t heard from them since Wednesday.  We’ll see!

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  1. Where’s your biochemistry classwork fit into making life more interesting while “hold-up” waiting for racing action?

  2. Have a great race BLB! I look forward to the full report. Don’t forget to take your camera out of your speedo before you start… It may impact your streamline!

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