Colorado Springs Ain’t Bad

image It’s not so bad being at the Olympic Training Center. This week I’ve been chowing down on some great food here on campus. The cafeteria is the social hub for all the athletes on campus because with the exception of swim practice, we all pretty much train alone. That, and most of the athletes here are not triathletes. For instance, last night I had dinner with Lopez Lomong, Jillian Petersen, Margaux Isaksen, a figure skater, and another pentathlete who’s names I don’t remember. Being here makes the adjective “Olympian” seem banal.

Most of the non-injured triathletes here are leaving for Worlds starting tomorrow (so basically Hunter and I will still be here). Let’s wish them luck, a couple US podiums would really help to keep our USOC funding next year.

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  1. Ben,

    Was wondering what your typical day looks like in terms of fueling for workouts and regular meals and snacks. Saw the Clif video, good stuff, but also curious what they serve to athletes at Co Springs.

    What does your breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks look like during the day, and what you eating before, during and after workouts? Do you keep a food log, count calories, or have a particular fueling strategy? What would you suggest for typical AG?

    Good luck out there.



  2. Jason, I’m working on a blog about that, it’s a common question.

    Courtenay, I’m sure it would be WAY more exciting to be home while you study for the GRE.

  3. Or perhaps the ineffability of the goings on inside those walls explains your silence… quashed the latent panegyric desperate to flow from your keyboard…

    I’m on vocab. Wanna make flashcards?

  4. Wow, the speed at which I translated that sentence in my head is a good indication that I need bump up the quality of my reading material. Columbia would not be proud of me at the moment.

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