Springing Back to Seattle

image All the other triathletes came back to Colorado Springs this week after competing in Australia at the ITU World Championship Series Finale. They didn’t bring back any medals, but worse yet, they didn’t bring back the kangaroo I asked for ( something about customs and baggage fees). So I’m giving up on these Team USA athletes and heading back to Seattle for some Indian Summer, and some hardcore training.

[Left: View of the Sports Med Clinic from behind the Normatec MVP boots, which inflate and push all the blood out of your legs – like ice bath, but not cold]

I’m really excited to get back and visit inewmed, Phil Spencer Chiropractic, and University of Washington Bone and Joint Center. When I came to Colorado the med staff talked boldly about taking care of me and getting me into some rehab therapy for the injuries I suffered this summer. They did take of me. In three weeks I squeezed in an x-ray of my wrist, some chiropractic adjustments, a few bags of ice, several hours spent on the Normatec, three soft tissue releases for a leg (two left, one right), and even a laser treatment (no idea what that did). The Olympic Training Center medical staff are really nice, and I’m sure now that they know me (quite well) we’ll be able to streamline their care and get even more out of my next visit (hopefully I won’t need so much rehab). The care in Seattle is certainly not free, but much like the OTC Sports Med Clinic, it is professional athlete quality. It’ll be good to see the home team.

After just a short trip, I am leaving the Springs more fit and healthier than when I came. The Olympic Training Center is pretty hard to beat when it comes to training focus, nutrition, access to support, and people to train with. I’m sure I’ll be back soon enough.

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