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image Today I learned a new oxymoron. “Hollywood Training”. It doesn’t exist for me here. I went to 24 hour fitness and signed up for a 7 day trial, which gives me access to a 3 lane 25 yard (I sure hope it’s a little long, ‘cause I was swimming quite slowly) pool. After that I gave my friend Nigel a ride to work so I could use his car for a trip to Westlake Village, where I was planning to visit the best athletic apparel and footwear company in existence, K-Swiss.

At the K-House I got to see some of the new shoes coming out early next year. I’m super excited for the new Keahou. The current Keahou is the most comfortable and forgiving running shoe I’ve ever used, and still manages to be lighter weight than most trainers in that price range ($90 – if you want a discount on K-Swiss.com, say something nice on my guestbook page 🙂 ). Right now I do some track workouts in the lighter-weight K’Ona because it has a more responsive sole and offers greater stability around the corners, so I suggested to the designers that they find a way to get that responsiveness in a high-mileage training shoe like the Keahou – that’s when they introduced me to the Keahou II. I wish I could show sneak peaks – this new shoe is awesome. Hopefully I’ll have a few sample pairs to try out in the next couple months, which will certainly warrant another blog.

Tomorrow I’m planning a 3 hour ride, and wondering if that’s long enough to actually get out of the concrete jungle of Hollywood and LA. Unfortunately, I won’t have a care tomorrow, so driving to my workouts is out of the question. I hope the treadmills at 24 hour fitness are nice.

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  1. so you didn’t have a care in the world yesterday, huh. i am grateful for that clarification because i got the opposite impression 🙂 .

    i’m reading your chemistry book. HALP!

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