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Odin&Tesla2012XmasThis past week has been brutal. I just don’t think that growing up in Seattle can prepare one for the feeling of frozen eyeballs one gets trying to ride their bike 3 blocks to the pool at 5:30am. I feel like a wimp saying this, but I’m second guessing the intelligence of enrolling in an MBA program that keeps me frozen all winter long. Why again did I move away from Hawaii?

Last weekend Abby and I went to New York for the Collumbia Swimming Homecoming Weekend. Or rather, I went to New York for homecoming, Abby went home to see her family.

Friday night of homecoming weekend is the Alumni meet. I’m pretty sure the times at the meet have gotten slower every year, while my effort has increased. There’s always a half-dozen or so people from my era at Columbia, and we do the “Iron-Lion”, which includes all 10 events on the schedule. Every year I finish the meet glad I do an easy sport like triathlon.

The highlight of the meet was clearly my 4:58 500y freestyle, that drew all the attention away from Columbia Swimming Legend Tony Corbisiero, who joined us to celebrate 30 years since he won NCAAs in the 1650 (in 14:46.29). That time set an American Record (that held for one week) and a Columbia Varsity Record (that still stands).

On Saturday the team kicked Brown’s butt with times that were much faster than I can swim.

Now, back to the grind in Chicago. Homework, training, and taking care of the family (Santa not included).

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