Seafair Sprint Triathlon

My mood going into Seafair Triathlon this morning could only be described as ballistic. The past two weeks of minimal training for my mid-season rest were wearing on me, and all the excess energy (I was sailing, and playing volleyball, and hanging out with friends, sure, but nothing makes you feel quite as good as […]

Hy-Vee Triathlon

I’m safely back in Seattle now. Far away from the polite people, logical transportation network, and attractive architecture that Des Moines uses to lower your guard and keep you from remember to pay attention to silly things like pre-race changes to swim courses and which side of a concrete barrier you’re supposed to ride on. […]

a triathlete is born

I drug my friend Brian to the Issaquah Triathlon last weekend. (Brian Davis, Northwestern grad, 3x NCAA qualifier in swimming, 15:06 1650 yard freestyle…but can he run?) Here is his race report (this is the funniest first time triathlon story I’ve heard.): (I should mention quickly that since the race filled up before Brian registered, […]

Get Set, TRI!

This morning was the “Get Set, Tri” in Forest Grove, Oregon, at the same course that will host the USAT short course nationals June 30th. Turned out to be more of a Get Set, ok, now wait another hour while we get organized…TRI! — But no matter… I set a world record in my 1500 […]

Get Set…

This weekend I’m racing in Forest Grove, OR in an Olympic Distance Triathlon called “Get Set, TRI!!!” I’m pretty excited for my first Pacific Northwest Triathlon since 2005. I’ll head down after class on Friday and stay in Forest Grove for the weekend. It’s also the same course as USAT Nationals, so it should be […]

May Flowers

This weekend is my first swim meet in two years. I’ll be swimming the 800 free on saturday and the 400 free and 200 IM on sunday. (I just couldn’t bring myself to sign up for a meet without the 200 IM, it’s still my love. [note to 400IM: you’re still my love too, but […]