Blind Reincarnate

I had a plan for a post of my own for today. Actually, I was hoping Brian could share how exactly he managed to break his wrist and end up owing me $85, but he can’t type (or ride a bike over railroad tracks, apparently). Last night, while my wrist ached with empathy pains, I baked cookies for Brian and Marijana (who read a book to relieve her apathy pains). He owes me money and I’m baking him cookies. See how good a friend I am?

This morning at the track I had yet another encounters with Klepto the Crow (a battle that I have yet to win), but all that is not nearly as interesting as the E-novel Aaron Scheidies finally finished writing.

The big new of the morning, however, is that Aaron posted his epic account of an the seven days surrounding our race in Dallas. It’s a long read, but rather humorous. I’ll stop here so you have more time to read his blog.

Aaron and Ben

As much as I love guest writers, tomorrow I’m going back to writing my own stuff for a bit. I want to write about how awesome my swim workouts have been lately, and why that has me furious.

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  1. You are allergic to wheat and dairy, and love baking. You can only eat your own recipes, and you stink at fixing bikes. It only makes sense for me to fix the bike, and you to bake the cookies.

  2. I agree with Ben, you baked those cookies to hurt others or to develop a new moisture wicking nugget that could remove the moisture from the air for approx .25 miles. We’re gluten and dairy fans here. : )

    I probably wouldn’t ask Ben or Tremonte to fix your bike or teach you how. I would ask Ben to teach you how to swim.

    Hey Ben, Monkeys go home.

  3. excuse me but the only complaints I had about my cookies is that you all couldn’t stop eating them!

    Fine then can you teach me how to fix a bike? Can someone? I feel it is something I really should know.

  4. Don’t be fooled, just because Ben has a BS in mechanical engineering, doesn’t mean he know how to use- I mean teach- someone how to fix something which requires tools! He manages out of luck 🙂

    Furthermore, Ben has a history of being a cookie klepto. He only bakes banana bread ( but he did learn how to do that, and darn well I might add) so hit him up for banana bread and everyone will be happy!!

  5. I only came upon this comment today. I miss you. Those were memorable cookies.

    Did I ever pay you back? Money plus interest if you come to Croatia.


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