Quitters Wanted

I swim on frequent occasion with the Husky Masters. This is the best masters group I’ve found in the Seattle area, because the coaches are attentive, work on stroke technique, and the regular members work hard and have talent. Every masters team, however, has a certain amount of apathy toward the really hard training that […]

Blind Reincarnate

I had a plan for a post of my own for today. Actually, I was hoping Brian could share how exactly he managed to break his wrist and end up owing me $85, but he can’t type (or ride a bike over railroad tracks, apparently). Last night, while my wrist ached with empathy pains, I […]

Jesus Gonzalez: A new perspective on Sport

My first week at Columbia Univeristy I met a guy named Jesus. It took me a while to figure out that “Hey-Zeuss” was spelled with a J and an S, but then I guess those lessons are a big part of why I wanted to live in New York. Jesus was the first person I […]