All-Comers Swim Meet

This pictures has nothing to do with the post. I just think it’s funny to see Jillian laughing as I tell her to hurry up and win us some beer money. Last night I raced in the University of Washington All-Comers Swim Meet. It was awesome. I did the fly leg of the 200 medley […]

Quitters Wanted

I swim on frequent occasion with the Husky Masters. This is the best masters group I’ve found in the Seattle area, because the coaches are attentive, work on stroke technique, and the regular members work hard and have talent. Every masters team, however, has a certain amount of apathy toward the really hard training that […]

Seattle Triathlon Training Venues

This week we have a special visitor in Seattle. Lara Brown is up here for the first time visiting her new home in Redmond, Washington. Her husband, who is lucky enough to be named Ben, just got a job at Microsoft, and has damned his wife to soggy gray winter training. Lara will stay in […]

Site Updates

Believe it or not, I’ve spent more time on my site the past couple of days than I normally do. Yet there’s nothing new posted. Web development is not something I know much about, so this site has been quite the learning process. Soon there will be a new home page for my site, which […]