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I’m getting my winter commuter bike and my Beyond Fabrications Radius Carbon Road bike all set up for training on. I want to have all my bikes fitting exactly the same, and the key component is going to be the saddle. On my Blink Carbon TT bike, I ride an ISM Adamo. It’s a funny looking saddle, but honestly, it is the greatest thing to happen to my groin area. Imagine riding 50 miles in your aero bars (or 56, or 112 if you’re crazy), and experiencing no numbness, no pain, no need to shift weight and sit up for blood flow… It’s amazing. You don’t sit on the seat the way you do a normal saddle, the two prongs go right into your hip bones and you can sit comfortably with any hip angle. It’s amazing. I’ve been pretty happy with a Selle gel saddle that I’ve had on my road bike since I started riding, but when I raced in Poland my saddle region was sore for days from going in and out of my ITU bars (little aero bars that require more core support than regular aero bars). It was so bad that using the restroom hurt. That was my last straw, I’m going to save my future family, and put ISM Adamo saddles on all my bikes.

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  1. Honestly the most hilarious thing I have heard all day. This would be one of the reasons I am very glad I am not a guy. I just have to worry about my ass fitting on a seat, thank goodness.

  2. You sold me on the Adamo and I LOVE IT. You’re not even sponsored by them. Sheesh. Are you really being honest about the best thing that ever happened….? I would have gone with ‘soap’. I’m sure Brian Davis will once again find himself hurt.

  3. I’m all in favor of fewer things being jammed up Ben’s nether regions, Loren.

    Less complaining to listen to…

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