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Tomorrow is the off-road triathlon world championships on Maui. This race is brutal. Athletes going to compete expect flat tires, and few people cross the finish line without blood oozing out of something.

Last year a bunch of my friends did this race, including Rory Seiter, who shaved an X into his head, and in doing so managed to get his mug on the XTerra website. He’s the guy in the banner, #382.

Rory Seiter
Yes, it says “Chicks Dig Endurance“, and yes, Rory is the one who designed it…

Speaking of blood. Today I rode with Pazzo Velo, the cycling team I just joined for next season. Our group rides have been plagued with stops, and we have yet to make it to our first bathroom break without a flat tire. Today we also had a pretty bad crash in the group. A black high-healed shoe was flung up and into the front wheel of one of our riders, and it caused the entire front wheel to come off, sending him over the bars and onto his head. We kept him on his back while the ambulance came, and he seemed coherent, which is good. He was bleeding from a few places on his face, and my guess is his cheek will be a nice shade of purple, but it could have been much worse. Here’s a map of our route from my Garmin Forerunner 305. It ended up being a lot of fun despite a terrible start.

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I forgot to start my watch, then forgot to restart it after the crash, so the first hour is pretty off. The straight line in the south part of the loop wasn’t so straight. You can also check out speed, HR, and elevation on my Motionbased site.

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