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Jason with the Video Camera

In Lausanne last year I was lucky enough to have a video documentary taken of my experience. The goal was to provide video footage for USAT to use in making a film about a first-timer’s trip to a world championship. It would have turned out really well, except that I crashed, and it’s not exactly inspiring to newcomers to watch a video of how some kid broke his bones at Worlds. Well the guy that followed me around with a camera for almost a week was Jason Mucher, USAT’s “Communications & Media Relations Manager”. Today I solute you, “Dude behind the camera that gets all of us in the press, but never gets any pictures of himself in the press (but does get to travel all over the world without actually having to race once he gets there).”

Jason Mucher at Nationals
It’s a good thing he’s tall or we’d never find him hiding behind his camera.

If you’ve been to any major triathlons, you’ve probably seen Jason. He’s the guy who is about 12 inches taller than the guy next to him (usually Tim Yount). Jason is responsible for a lot of what you see in the quarterly issue of Triathlon Life magazine, and more importantly for getting my face into this weeks issue of Sports Illustrated. J

Jason Mucher w/o a camera
It took some serious cropping to get a photo of Jason without a Camera or tape recorder, so this is what’s left.

So thanks Jason. Here’s some love for Sports Illustrated, the most recent issue of Triathlon life, and for the hope of one day seeing the video footage you took in Lausanne.

Tim Carlson Jason Mucher and Ben Collins talk it up
The guy with the big camera is Tim Carlson. He helped me break a woman’s collar bone earlier this year. (too soon?)
The tall guy is (of course) Jason.

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  1. Thanks, Ben. You really shouldn’t have. You will get to see the Lausanne video. It’s just six hours of tape to go through. We had good intentions. Too bad we didn’t follow you in Hamburg. Hey, who’s taking all of these pictures of me at these events?

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