My Mitochondria

This is the Historical Fremont Bridge in Seattle. My mom didn’t take up rowing until she was 50, but even with a late start she’s still at the top of masters rowing. She races against former Olympians at FISA World Championships, and makes mothers all over the world go home with tears in their eyes. […]

XTerra World Champs

Tomorrow is the off-road triathlon world championships on Maui. This race is brutal. Athletes going to compete expect flat tires, and few people cross the finish line without blood oozing out of something. Last year a bunch of my friends did this race, including Rory Seiter, who shaved an X into his head, and in […]

Aaron Scheidies’ Dream-Come-True (part 2)

With my last post I introduced Aaron Scheidies and my experiences with him leading up to the World Record attempt at the Toyota US Open Triathlon in Dallas put on by Life Time Fitness (a real mouthful of a name). This post is my race report. Aaron’s race from the perspective of the one person […]

The Legend of Aaron Scheidies (part 1)

In August I was laying on a couch in Tiburon reading the last of the Harry Potter novels when I received an email boasting the subject, “Love Mail” from a name I didn’t recognize, asking if I could “guide him through a triathlon”.. It was Aaron Scheidies, and a quick google search told me he […]