Endurance PTC

This week I had the pleasure of having lactate and VO2 testing done at the new Endurance PTC center in San Francisco. The center is only a week old, but already their spin classes are filling up. It’s easy to see why; the facility is equipped with Computrainers for all, so you can train to […]

Weekend With a Legend

Last week I was in San Jose for a job interview, so I decided to take up former Seattleite, Loren Pokorny, on his open invitation to visit his new place in Tiburon. I was lucky to choose the same weekend that Loren’s family was hosting Kaite Mactier, who is a legend (Olympic silver, amazing cyclist…check […]

Class Act

That’s how I feel at school this week. I’m acting like I’m there, I’m physically there, but I have no idea where my mind and body are. I’m exhausted from training, and took the last of my first round of midterms this morning (gen chem). Positive thoughts though, I only have to wait two weeks […]